Saturday, December 19, 2009

Putting the Power in Shopping and Cleaning

I'm so tired! There is just really no time for a real work-out in my life right now. I did walk the dog this morning with my husband in the snow covered park which was a fun trek, especially for the dog! Why do dogs love newly fallen snow so much? I'm sure he used three times as much energy as we did prancing from bush to bush.

The rest of the day was running around from one shopping errand to the next---making a list and crossing it off. If I ever lose this little spiral notebook I'm using for my zillion lists, I'm going to be in big trouble. Oh, and I have kids coming home from college and my house still needs to be cleaned and.... Oops, I remember what one of you told me once. Don't sweat the small stuff, and a messy house is the small stuff. Thanks for reminding me!

I also need to remind you and myself that it's OK if we use shopping and cleaning as our exercise right now. Really. We don't need to feel guilty for not doing more, especially when life takes on the crazy pace like it is for many of us right now. And we need to remember that we are doing something active, we just need to think about taking advantage of the activity, put a smile on, and use a little more muscle power if we can. Attitude is everything, and every little bit helps!

Putting the Power in Shopping:
  • Wear your running shoes for power shopping.
  • Make frequent trips back to the car with packages.
  • Balance shopping bags equally between hands.
  • Park as far away from the store as you can (as if we have a choice right now.)
  • Traffic light? Hold your stomach in (keep breathing!) and count to 30. Repeat until light's green.
  • Stretch your head side to side, roll shoulders, etc., when standing in lines.
Power Cleaning:
  • Move that vacuum! Use full motions to work that body.
  • Take advantage of household cleaning: put power into making the beds, cleaning tubs!
  • Own every trip you make up and down the stairs, it does a body good.
  • Each time the phone rings, do stretches while sitting or standing.
At the end of the day, slip your feet into some warm fuzzy socks, have a cup of green tea, put on a favorite movie, and just simply relax..............


  1. I went to workout today, I really did. What happened? Well, phone calls:
    #1 Mom, I really, really want this game on the Wii. Can I have your credit card? No. but PLEASE Mom, it's great! I'll pay, I just need to use a card. No. I'll be home at 10.
    #2 Mom, Kaitlyn (the mouse), is missing. She must have gotten out of her cage. Look for her - I'll be home at 10. Sigh. Somedays are just like that.

  2. At least you tried to get your work out in! I hope the rest of your day was active and healthy! I remember those days with kids all too well!


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