Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Point Reyes Lighthouse
Our day trip from San Francisco yesterday took us to Point Reyes National Seashore. To get there, we had to travel narrow, winding roads that wove in and around miles and miles of hills. We saw elk, deer and their newborn fawn, dairy farms labeled by the alphabet, and lots and lots of cattle. I loved having to wait as a herd of Holsteins were directed across the road to get to the pastures on the other side. Nothing like getting out of the city!

The trip was not for the unfit. When we arrived,
EMT's were attending a woman evidently having chest pains while climbing up the stairs. Umm. Fair warning. The half mile walk to the stairs wasn't bad. And, really, descending hundreds of stairs as we came closer to the old lighthouse the beautiful pacific waves wasn't too bad. My legs just felt a bit shaky and wobbly like jelly. 
Barb's half way up!

But going back up was a different story. Oh, yeah. Climbing those 380 stairs was definitely a high intensity work out. We all felt each of our quad muscles screaming out at the end out the climb, and were very thankful we'd made it! Phew. Really, keeping up your fitness level allows you to see and experience so much more in life.

Afterward, we spent a little time strolling on the sandy beach and getting our feet covered in that wonderfully cool Pacific ocean water. A perfect day in my book...