Monday, May 5, 2014

Make Your Motivator a Positive One

In tears, a woman shared her memory of getting stuck in a dress while trying it on. (She'd even grabbed a bigger size than she usually wore; she knew she'd gained a bit of weight.) The zipper broke: it wouldn't budge at all. She swallowed her pride, and had to walk out in the dress to find a saleswomen. She had to be cut out of the dress!

Another woman's neighbor asked when her baby was due. She wasn't pregnant. She'd just gained 25 pounds.

You've been avoiding mirrors and cameras. Unfortunately, you just saw a recent photo of yourself and hardly recognized yourself. How is it that photos add 15 pounds to you but not to anyone else in the photo?

Whatever your "Oh, Yuck!" experience was, these events can make great motivators to start dropping body fat and getting healthier. The trouble is, these negative motivators don't last. 

Once you've been on your weight loss plan awhile, and pounds and sizes drop, you feel better about yourself. The negative motivator dissipates. It's important to create a positive motivator before this happens. 

Identify the positive things you're aiming for with your weight loss. One gal told me she wanted to be a "Hot Momma" and be able to walk on the beach in a bathing suit without worrying about what she looked like. Another told me she wanted to be strong and active enough to get down on the floor with her grand kids to play, and get back up with no trouble. And, I'd like to be able to play golf when I'm 107.

Now, instead of running away from your "Oh, Yuck!" experience, it's time to pull yourself toward what you really want. Envision yourself as that Athletic, Happy person, that Strong, Svelte person, or that Active 100 year old! Now, practice doing the things that support you becoming that person. Practice doesn't mean perfect. Practice simply means you're working to form the habits you'll need to become the person you want to be. 

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