Monday, December 30, 2013

When Laundromat Meets Quality Dairy, Part II

I was sitting at the laundromat. Mindlessly watching all 5 triple-size washers spin while sipping the cup of coffee my husband brought me after I sent him to find an ATM. He found one in the mini-mart/bakery/dairy side of the building. Along with a few other things. I noticed he was brushing sugar crystals from his lips as he handed me coffee and cash. Hmm…donut? No doubt these laundry/quick food markets are lucrative businesses.

I watched my fellow laundry-doers. With one exception, every single person was drawn through the doors and into the "food side." And, each one came back with a cookie, hot dog, candy, or something along that line. I'm betting they weren't even hungry.

Laundromat meets QD. Yep. This has to be the master plan of some evil dude trying to make tons of money and take over the world. Think about it. We spend lots more money than we intend to when boredom sets in waiting for laundry to get done. It's that other/dark side of the store. The side that draws you in offers primarily sugar laden, highly processed food. Food that we want to eat more and more of. Then, we back on extra body fat. And more fat. Then, we reach a point where all we want to do is laundry and go to QD. Yep. It's an evil master plan...

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