Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Kase for Keurig

Drop in a pod, push a button, and...Voila! A perfect cup every time. Keurig, the one-cup-at-a-time coffee system, took the home coffee market by storm. And the same pot makes cocoa or tea with the quick switch of a pod. 

At first, I stayed strong and refused to submit. I mean, just how ridiculous can it get? For every cup, a plastic cup goes into the landfill. And it's pricey. Even with a coupon for $2.50, each cup still costs at least 50 cents. I'm quite sure my big pot makes coffee much cheaper. 

And, we already had a perfectly good 10-cup pot which kicks out great coffee, as long as you get it soon after it's made. 

Then, I wavered.  Susan told our group how she makes a cup of flavored Keruig coffee whenever she feels like eating a few cookies or when she wants a treat. She kept a variety of specialty flavors on hand, and simply chooses a flavor that sounds good to her at the time. Simple mindful sipping. I was intrigued.

So, when there was a big rebate on Keurig's, I hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my 20% off coupon and brought home a black mini-pot with a box of French vanilla decaf pods. 

Yep. Susan's right. When you're not really hungry and just feel like munching, making a cup of coffee chosen for the moment can really work. It's special. It's delicious. And it's just for me...

We still make a big pot of coffee every morning for breakfast. I just go to the Keurig for a cup later in the day when I want it. And, just so you know, I recycle.


  1. Ha Ha! Loved the article this morning. I am on my 2nd Keurig (make sure you run vinegar through it every once in a while, and I switched to my filtered water - the pump died on my 1st one).

    FYI - Best Buy here sells 18 packs of coffee for about 8.99.

    I have yet to find a flavored coffee I like, but I am not sure I have tried the French Vanilla.

  2. Thanks for the tips on Best Buy, Anne! I like a nice, dark coffee in the morning, but it's the occasional afternoon or evening cup that I enjoy flavored. My daughter and I both love the creme brulee flavor, too, but it's harder to find.

    Someone wrote in to ask about the calories in flavored coffees. I just purchase coffee flavored ground beans that have been put into Keurig cups, which have no calories at all. They do sell some with added creamers and sugar, which will have calories. Be sure to check the labels before you buy!


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