Friday, February 10, 2012

Watching the Sailboats...

We sat at a booth overlooking the harbor in Balboa Island studying a school of sailboats creating in a circular pattern in the rippled, turquoise sea. My husband and I had just finished a crisp, green salad made of several lettuce varieties that delivered a wonderful blend of flavors. It had been so long since we enjoyed a really nice dinner out...

The conversation went to mindful eating. True! He brought it up after seeing a New York Times article that day on mindful eating, including a mention of Jan Chozen-Bays' book Mindful Eating. I realized then that perhaps I don't share everything I do with my husband as the Mind-full Motivator. I have used Chozen-Bays' book with classes for quite a while, and Mindfulness is all about what I do.  So, I walked him through my simplified version of mindful eating.

When the salmon and grilled tuna plates came, we mindfully ate each bite. We put our forks down after each bite and really tasted that food. Totally getting into the game, we talked about it's temperature, texture, and flavor combination. Both the tuna and salmon were cooked to perfection...just so good.  Mindful eating turned out to be a great way to spend the evening, and actually ended up making the dinner more enjoyable and satisfying. 

Whether you are enjoying dinner out at an expensive restaurant or having a bowl of oatmeal at home, remember to be mindful. Mindful eating slows you down and helps you to focus.  It helps you stay aware of your own level of hunger and fullness. Most people find using mindful eating results in eating less and appreciating it more, which as I sit by the water, is one great prescription for weight loss and long term health goals.

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