Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip!  I was driving over eight hours yesterday so I could be with my son when he has surgery on his knee today---torn ACL.  As I was traveling down I-80, I was thinking how easy it would be to go hog wild and overeat in the car.  Every time you stop for gas, those big size candies almost jump into your hand as you check out, along with the donuts, chips, and all the other incredibly not-so-healthy munchies that many folks just grab along with coffee to keep them awake or busy while they drive. And the fast food restaurant of your choice is right there as you drive along...

And what did I take with me, all alone in the car?  Besides the obvious sunglasses, of course, I needed some "safer snacks" to battle the less healthy choices I met along the way.  I had one zip lock bag filled with baby carrots to nibble whenever I felt like it. Those were within my reach. In the back seat sat a gallon bag that I filled with some the pre-portioned snacks from our snack basket in the pantry:  1/2 ounce packets of almonds, Emerald 100 calorie packs of cocoa almonds, dried apricots, and 1ounce bags of whole grain Wheat Thins.  I also grabbed a couple of apples and bananas. And sugar-free gum-- Trident peppermint is my choice.  

I have to stop frequently to stretch and use eye drops.  After each stop, I would buy a drink of some sort (I forgot to pack water, oops!) and then ask myself if I was hungry.  If I was, I would grab one or two snacks and move them up front with me.  I did enjoy a decaf skinny-skinny latte in the evening, which I sipped on as I finished my trip.  Got my dairy in with pleasure! This method worked really well for me.  I kept my blood sugar level steady throughout the day, and stayed alert.  The only things I purchased along the way was coffee, water and gas... Not bad!

As the saying goes,
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail... 


  1. Thanks! I need to hear from everyone so I know who is having trouble posting comments!! This need to be an interactive site :)

  2. I just found your blog and am excited as I believe that it will be helpful to me as I am fighting the fat, and want to live healthy. Junk food is not my friend but I seem to fellowship with it all the time and I want to change that.

  3. Welcome aboard, lisaenz! Follow along, and be sure to post questions as they come up!


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